Fruit baskets are re-used many, many times

Depending your office location our fruit is delivered and presented in our pleasing to the eye re-usable crates or boxes, making a great centre piece to any office. Our re-usable crates are very strong which means we can re-use them many times over, reducing the amount of waste.

Sourcing of products

We actively source our fruit with food miles in mind. Whilst we can’t buy our Bananas from the UK we do everything we can to ensure the carbon footprint of our supply is as small as it possibly can be.

Food miles

Where possible we operate eco-delivery routes. This ensures that our vans are jam packed full of fruit making the delivery rounds more carbon efficient than the cumulative impact of each customer driving to a supermarket themselves.


Electric vehicles are relatively new and still in the early trailing days, we have been in discussion with Mitsubishi with a view of testing two full electric vehicles and be amongst the first to use these in the UK later this year.