Carbon Neutral

We deliver our office fruit to you using carbon neutral logistics.


No Wicker Baskets

Fruit baskets are often re-used between businesses and are hard to clean. That’s why we deliver in fully recyclable, carbon neutral cardboard. 

100% Flexible

Cancel at anytime. We want you to come back because you want to, not because you have to. 

Office Fruit Delivery

The finest Office Fruit Boxes, Office Fruit Baskets and Groceries delivered to offices across Scotland including : Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Inverness and Aberdeen. Eatfruit was launched with the aim to bring the freshest, nutritious, tastiest fruit to your office in Scotland. Ethical in everything we do, we care for the environment and work very hard to bring you the very best produce from trusted growers (whom we pay a fair price to) for you and your team to enjoy. 

Our Office Fruit Baskets start from £16.95. Delivery is Free

We are specialists in delivering office fruit and milk to multiple locations. 

Office Fruit Delivery Van London

We also deliver office milk, juices, healthy snacks, flowers and more – your one stop grocery shop for the office.

Office milk delivery Edinburgh Glasgow

Office Milk Delivery

We also deliver fresh, local milk along with non-dairy alternatives such as Soya, Almond and Oat Milk. 

Ethical, Sustainable and Fair

We select only the best office fruit for you to enjoy. Bursting with vibrant flavour and sourced from growers that we know

As a family business, we take our commitment to our customers, fruit farmers and the environment seriously. We are committed to operating our business in the most sustainable manner possible. 

We pay a fair price for our fruit to ensure the livelihoods of the people and businesses that supply so they can help us to continue to provide you with the very best office fruit baskets for many more years to come. 

Where The Magic Happens

We deliver fresh office fruit packed full of vitamins to boost the immune system of your staff. Studies show having fruit available to your staff can increase productivity, reduce stress and of course not forgetting that added bit of fruit magic that brings your team together.  

It’s true, with your first delivery you will see your team start to chat, discuss the fruit, enjoy the fruit and make friends. Good friends. It’s why we do what we do.

Fruit Donations
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Homeworker Plans & Wellbeing Vouchers

Send your remote workers regular fruit deliveries as part of your employee wellbeing scheme

5 StarReviews

Office Fruit Baskets as part of your employee wellbeing programme

An office fruit basket is a great addition to the employee wellbeing programme of any employer. We now supply offices all across the UK with many stating this increasingly important area as one of their main concerns. Fruit has some great health benefits for your employees. Read here why an office fruit basket should form part of your companies employee wellbeing programmes.

– Our Growers –

We source our office fruit as local as possible from growers we know and pay a fair price.

– Grown for Flavour -

We choose the varieties in our fruit boxes for taste, not aesthetic perfection

– Eco Packaging –

Office Fruit London

We offer plastic free products and deliver your fruit in eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging. 

How it Works

Place your order. We are here to help

We usually recommend you plan for 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per week per employee. You can adjust your order as frequently as you wish.

We hand select and pack your fruit

We carefully hand select only the very finest fruit to create the very best fruit boxes bursting with vibrant flavours and seasonal colours.

We deliver straight to your office

Your fruit arrives and your office is full of happy, healthy people. If you have multiple offices we can consolidate your invoices.

We invoice you each month

Pay on one consolidated monthly invoice for all your fruit and office milk. Payment by BACS, Direct Debit, Paypal or Card

Office Fruit Site

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to leave this planet in a better place than we found it. We are committed to operating our business in the most sustainable manner possible whilst ensuring the sustainability and livelihoods of the people and businesses that supply us.

Office Fruit Wave

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Good for you

Our fruit deliveries bring happiness and encourage healthy eating in offices and places of work across the UK. It is why we do what we do. 

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Good for others

Nothing goes to waste! All of our excess fruit is donated to local charities and food banks. We recycle or re-use all of our packaging giving our produce trays to local famers whom use them to sell their produce.

Good for the planet

Our fruit box deliveries are made via carbon neutral logistics. The board our boxes are made from is from a carbon neutral source and even printed with eco-friendly inks. Our Favourites Fruit Box is Plastic Free

Our friendly team will talk through your fruity requirements and help you get started with your office fruit delivery.

It’s easy to get started, if you are unsure how much fruit to order or have any questions for your office fruit delivery please get in touch with us and we will guide you through the process.

We promise the best fruit you’ve ever tasted.